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Onevision Electrical is a duly registered business with a proven track record of excellence in the electrical services industry. Established in 2016, the company boasts of a solid reputation and is known for delivering top-notch electrical solutions to its clients. The company’s Australian Business Number (ABN) is 12 803 940 890, a clear indication of its legitimacy and compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Peter Bacales is a highly qualified and skilled electrician with a wealth of experience in the field. Having completed his electrical apprenticeship, he obtained his license as a professional electrician on 28th September 2016. With his vast knowledge and expertise, Peter Bacales has been instrumental in driving Onevision Electrical’s success and growth in the highly competitive electrical services industry.

Service NSW Registration and Qualifications:
License: Contractor Number: 302326C | Class 1 Electrician

We specialise in office and domestic, wiring and electrical installations. All the circuits that are wired into your home and office by an electrician. Lights, ceiling fans, data and NBN connections inside your home. When the NBN tech connects your modem at the wrong end of your home, call us and we will look after you.

We are determined to exceed your expectations.

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Local Carlingford Electrician

Local, qualified electricians ready to provide service in Carlingford. We are locals, we live in Carlingford, and are very happy to help out in our local community. It’s nice to be able to get local work and not have to travel across Sydney in the traffic.

If you need help with your electrical switch board, power points, down lights, LED lighting and data cabling, we would like to help. We all now need a functional home office and we have a special interest in getting the power points and lighting in the best position to make the room work.


If you need an electrician in Carlingford, please call, and we will be happy to help. Although we like the idea of not having to compete with the Sydney traffic, we also know that clients in other locations will need our help. We have created a service area so that we can reach everyone that needs our services in an appropriate time. We start early to beat the traffic and the heat, so if you are ok with a 7am start, please call and arrange an appointment.

Parramatta Electrician

Our service area includes the Parramatta area. We are able to get to our clients in Parramatta early in the morning to beat the traffic and provide a friendly service that will exceed your expectations. Our small team can adapt to the situation, we come prepared and capable of providing the electrical services that you need. We have the certification and licensing to tackle all types of installations, repairs and electrical maintenance jobs.

We create the magic behind the switch.

The cabling from the street comes to a safety switch and meter box. We can connect everything you need from the meter box into your home. The best way to describe what we are good at is for you to go to the wall closest to you and flick the switch. That’s it.

The lights, fans, heaters, and coolers all need to be wired to a switch. Cabling needs to be in place for your home theatre systems and kitchen appliances.

Castle Hill Electrician


Peter was able to help me in Castle Hill after the NBN tech would only connect the modem to our old foxtel connection in a spare bedroom. It meant we had to go into the spare bedroom to answer the phone. Our Foxtel, NBN and telephones were useless. Peter from Onevision Electrical was able to come onsite and solve it for us. We are very thankful.


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Renovating your home

Renovating your home is the ideal time to get all of your power points and light switches moved to their ideal location. Sometimes you need to live in a home for a while to work out the best location for your light switches and power points. In this connected world where everything is on the internet and every device in the house needs a good connection, it is a good idea to work out where all the data points are needed. Wireless devices work better when the repeater or booster is hard wired to the original modem. We can help you plan and implement a data connection strategy for your new home or renovations.

We have known Peter now for two years as we have been renovating our whole house. Peter is a fantastic electrician with a can-do attitude. Our house was not simple with access problems and strange 30 year old wiring. Peter’s work has been faultless; there has never been an issue. His work is faultless! He is always punctual, neat and tidy and a down right nice and polite guy. I have already recommended him to family and friends! I have no hesitation to recommend Peter to anyone looking for a quality electrician.

Patrick Mamo

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Sound Systems and Theatre Rooms


LED Lighting fitted over the stairs. It’s decorative and provided safety for the timber stairs.

Pool Lights, repair, replace and upgrade.

Electrical Wiring and Cabling

With summer coming up, air conditioning a home is the best way to keep it cool. However, it can be expensive to run. Ceiling fans may be an economical solution to making life a little more bearable. Ceiling fans over your bed can give you that extra breeze that you need to get a good nights sleep. Even if you use the air conditioning to cool the house down and then just run the ceiling fans to keep you cool, it could save you a lot of money.

If you need extra power points, lights, fans and data, we can help.

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Safety Switches, Earth Wires and Surge Diverters are all designed to save lives and appliances attached to your electrical circuits. They need to be tested regularly and replaced if they are found to be faulty.

We are able to assist you with your Strata electrical needs. We have the skills, the license and the insurance to complete the task professionally on time and on budget. We can install safety lighting in common areas and garages, extra power points and cabling for garden lighting.

Electrical Switch Board Replacement

Electrical Switchboard Upgrades.

We are finding that the older switchboards are creating problems for the more sensitive modern electrical appliances and air conditioning units. It may be that you need to replace or upgrade your electrical switchboard in your home. It your home still uses fuse wire, there is a more modern , reliable and safer alternative. Talk to Onevision electrical about upgrading your electrical switchboard.


Peter and his offsider Jacob are a professional and friendly team. They arrived at the time they promised on both visits to our house and our electrical work was carried out in an efficient and timely manner. They were courteous and checked all electrical circuits and explained how our new switchboard was set up and they cleaned up before leaving. We would be happy tor recommend their electrical services to our friends.
Tony and Marion Armstrong. #onevisionelectrical #switchboard

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